MEDITAS Pain Therapy

How does it work?

The first step


The first step towards a successful pain treatment is the anamnesis. Together with the therapist, the patient will locate the pain precisely and record when it is most noticeable.You may bring your doctor’s report, diagnosis, x-rays or similar. Then, your therapist will explain the course of the treatment and help you understand the source of your pain.


MEDITAS PainPointPressure

The MEDITAS Pain Point Pressure eliminates or greatly reduces pain in minutes. The therapist will apply specific pressure with his/her hands to stimulate receptors in the patient’s body that transfer information about muscular strain. Your body reacts by releasing muscular tension and starting to restore the physiological balance, eventually removing the underlying cause of your pain.


MEDITAS Bottleneck Stretches

The MEDITAS Bottleneck Stretching Exercises are a vital part of the therapy. They support the effects of the Pain Point Pressure treatment by maintaining the physiological balance of your muscles and set new muscular control. They consist of exercises and movement patterns with active and passive stretches, strengthening and activation exercises. You will be personally instructed for each exercise and you will receive detailed guidelines to take home with you.

Long-term success


Improving and sustaining the success of the treatment will depend primarily on how the patient will perform the MEDITAS Bottleneck Stretches. To make sure he/she performs the exercises properly, he/she can join the weekly group
where the therapist monitors the exercises.