MEDITAS Pain Therapy

What is the MEDITAS Pain Therapy?


According to MEDITAS, pain is experienced primarily when the body wants
to warn and protect us, identifying pain as an alarm-signal,
an important message your body sends to you.

Instead of treating pain as a condition the therapy aims to treat the underlying cause, thereby taking away the alarm-signal (pain).
The reason for most of today’s pain, as well as wear and tear on our spines and joints is caused by non-physiological tensions of muscles and fasciae: our body relies on quality movement in muscular balance in order to work properly and maintain optimum health. Most of our everyday behaviours and activities encourage poor movement resulting in an incomplete use of our genetically built-in range of motion. For instance, if you are working in an office you will probably spend about 6-10 hours sitting a day.

When balancing movements are missing, we create a muscular-fascial imbalance. Over time, tension arises, eventually putting our joints and spine at risk. When this tension threatens to cause potential irreversible damage, the body sends out an alarm-signal. This can be experienced in all parts of the body, causing headaches including migraines, neck pain, stiff neck, eye pain, pain in the jaw joints, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist-aches, pain in the joints at the bases of the fingers and thumbs, back pain, lower back pain, buttock pain, pain in the hip, pain in the inner and outer meniscus, knee and ankle joints and foot pain. MEDITAS understands the importance of these signals and the consequences of suppressing the pain with drugs that could lead to the damage your body tries to prevent.

What if I already had surgery?

Patients who have had surgery, or have been diagnosed with e.g. migraine, cluster headache, slipped/herniated disk, fibromyalgia, arthritis, impingement, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, spinal stenosis, floating disks, ischialgia, intercostal neuralgia or heel spur can mostly be treated successfully. MEDITAS proves everyday that many pain-related diagnoses are not the actual cause of the pain but the alarm-signal that our body sends out.

For a full list check our Pain-Glossary

How does it work?

MEDITAS is a natural, body-appropriated pain therapy; it works without medication, therapeutic devices or surgical interven- tions in normal body structures or cycles.
With the understanding that the body sends pain as an alarm-signal to protect and prevent (further) damage, MEDITAS developed a manual treatment called “Pain-Point-Pressure” to release muscular and fascial tension causatively. Pain-Point-Pressure is very effective and in 90% of all cases shows immediate pain relief within the first treatment.

To guarantee a long-term result, specific “Bottleneck-Stretching” exercises will be introduced to the patient. They help maintain the result, program new muscular activation and will sustain muscular balance to prevent a rebound. For the patient, it is an easy to comprehend therapy that integrates into a busy daily life.
MEDITAS is changing the paradigm of today’s pain therapies, providing answers to open-end questions and inconsistencies regarding pain origin, wear, injuries of the musculoskeletal system, inflammatory processes, fibromyalgia or to pain memory.

The MEDITAS pain therapy helps many people everyday to get back to their normal lives. Pain is not a fate you have to endure, it is a message from your body that needs to be heard and responded to accordingly.